Resources for photographers

Hello users of the interwebs! When you’re trying to learn and become a photographer it can be very stressful and hard searching for the right resources. You go online and you’re bombarded by information and you can’t sort through all of it. I decided to put together a list of resources for photographers so that they can use these resources to become better and more knowledgable photographers. the best thing about all these resources is that they’re free! What do expect though from a guy who’s home page says a broke photographers journey. As always if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment or email me.

Photography books 

I personally believe photography books are one of the greatest sources of information for photographers. They can inspire you and show you unique styles of photographers that you can adapt and change and then add to your shooting style. Photography books can teach you how to use the environment in different ways. If you look at good photography books and read them constantly you will start to hold your photographs to that standard. I’m not saying that you should try to copy other photographers styles or try to replicate your shots. I’m trying to say that you should allow the photography books to influence you and add to your shooting style. Also don’t expect to get to the level of professional photographers overnight. It takes a lot of work and thousands of hours to get to that level so don’t get angry or give up because you think that you’re not reaching that level. So never ever give up and don’t ever let the cost of a book deter you. Check to see if it’s at your local library in fact the library should be the first place you go when looking for a photography books. You can find a plethora of photography books in the library plus they’re free. I know i’m cheap.  If you really like a book you can always buy it online after you check it out from the library first.

Heres a link to a video of Henri Cartiers Bresson’s book the decisive moment with him sort of narrating it I highly recommend you to see it. Here’s the video

Online Blogs/ Websites 

Hopefully my blog is helpful but I’m not gonna lie. I’m starting out and relatively new to blogging there are other blogs and photography websites that are better and more informative then mine. Below I have listed photography blogs and websites that I have found useful.

Eric Kim is an awesome photographer and a wonderful teacher you can learn a lot about street photography from his blog. He also delves into philosophy so if you’re into photography or philosophy or both you should check him out. He also has free E-books that he made that are awesome and teach you a lot so check those out too.

The guys over at FPP are amazing. You can learn a lot from their articles and videos. They go in depth with old film cameras so if you’re curious or trying to figure out how to get your camera to work you should check them out. They also have an online store where they sell film, cameras, and gear. Their prices are nice so give the store a look too.

At APUG (Analog photography users group) you can find an enormous wealth of information. APUG is an online forum for people who shoot film/analog photography. They have forums about everything and by everything I mean everything. They also have a classifieds listing where they sell cameras and gear. I highly recommend buying from them because most sellers there are experienced photographers and in general very nice. For tips on how to buy a used film/ analog photography check out this link Even if you aren’t looking for information you should check them out you can find new ideas and read some interesting threads over there. Also they’re great if you’re having a camera problem. Just post a thread about a camera question and or problem and they will do their best to help you out and try to answer your questions.


Not only can you find awesome cat videos on youtube but you can also find tons of videos that will help you become a better photographer. Below I have listed youtube channels and videos that I have found useful.

I started following Erik’s channel since when he started his youtube channel. He’s a hilarious and awesome dude. His videos are informative and fun to watch. His videos will teach you some tricks and help you out on your analog/film journey.

Ted Forbes is an awesome guy who’s channel is just as awesome. His youtube channel is a blend of analog/film and digital photography. He also goes into camera reviews and darkroom technique. His channel has been around for a while and it’s an awesome one so if you have a chance check him out.

i have to say Matt Day is one of the chillest dudes ever. His videos are very informative and you can learn a lot about technique from him. He’s funny so you won’t get bored and his shots are really really good. 

Now the framed network made a tv show about analog/ film photography. The videos are awesome and a joy to watch. The cast and crew members are hilarious and funny. In my opinion Ryan is the best, You can learn a lot about technique just by watching how they work. They show you how to work with models and teach you a lot about how to get that shot that you want. I strongly encourage you to watch the videos because they’re very informative and hilarious.

I personally find John Free’s videos very informative and I feel like I have learned a lot about photography by watching his videos. Most of his videos may sound like a rant but I feel that they’re more then that. I feel that they give you an insight in a very talented and wise photographer so definitely check him out. He’s sarcastic but hilarious and definitely not afraid to show how he feels and how he thinks things should be done. He also has a blog that I highly recommend that you should see. Here’s the link to his blog

Camera stores. 

Good old brick and mortar camera stores are a great source of information. Most camera store employees will be happy to answer your questions if they’re not busy. Plus it doesn’t hurt to ask. You can get gear advice and film advice and it’s always good to support your local businesses.

Thanks for reading! I hope this will help you become a better and more knowledgable photographer. Once again if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment and or email me. Note I am not a professional photographer I am merely trying to help other photographers out. I am in no way making any guarantees. This blog is just me expressing my personal beliefs and opinions.


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